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Easily learn a new language using your Android smartphone.



Selma 2.2.0 has been released

This new version of Selma now also supports showing the files from the Assimil PC software for Russian and probably a few more. Furthermore Selma has improved its user interface when several courses are installed on one device.

Selma 2.1.0 has been released

This version now also supports 'New Greek With Ease' and possibly a few more. If you have tried to use Selma in the past and it didn't work with your course, now might be a good time to try again.


Selma is an Android app that helps you in learning a new language using the Assimil language training courses’ MP3 CDs or the MP3s from the Assimil PC software.

Important notice: The MP3 files that are needed for using this app are not contained. You need to buy an Assimil course (book and MP3 CD, or book and software) separately and transfer the MP3s onto your android device. The app cannot be used without.

Important notice: Currently, you will gain the best experience by using the MP3 CD instead of the MP3s from the PC software. This is due to the fact that the files from the Assimil PC software do not contain the lesson texts in written form. This means that Selma can playback the files but not show the lesson text. Playing back the lessons from the Audion CDs is also not supported. Please see the FAQ for details.

How to use Selma

If you have not already done this, start by copying your Assimil MP3s to your Android device.

In Selma it is possible to mark lessons as favourites using the star icon. This allows you to focus on the lessons you are currently trying to memorise. I normally have three or four “starred” lessons which I listen to over and over.

You can tell Selma, if you want to listen only to the lesson texts or also the exercise section. When I’m memorising my “starred” lessons, most of the times I don’t listen to the exercises, because it’s easier to memorise stories than sentences that have no obvious connection. But when I start learning a new lesson, I also listen to the exercises.

When learning a lesson, you can choose to listen to individual sentences or the whole lesson over and over. You can also manually enter a translation and a literal translation of the lesson texts, so that you can see the translation directly in the app. Unfortunately, Assimil does not provide the translations along with the MP3 pack. Which means you have to enter them yourself. But in my opinion this procedure also helps with learning.

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